Prisma Consulting’s Organization team believes that in increasingly complex markets, organization is the key that enables companies large or small to succeed and out-perform. We work with you to create this people advantage by looking at structure and roles, employee motivation, the alignment of your organization and your company strategies, and organizational behavior. We will work closely with you in the areas of:

Leadership and Talent Management – including identifying and cultivating leaders, leveraging individual and team strengths, management processes

Structures & Accountabilities –define the value drivers that provide advantage, how to capitalize on collective intelligence, creativity and speed, who does what to whom and when, building a system not just a structure

Change Management – reduce the risk while increasing success, mobilization of your entire organization, effective communication, initiative development and tracking, adapting to constant change in the market without changing structure

Culture – creating a culture of performance, individual and organizational behaviors and dynamics, linking employee performance to company performance

In any organization, the successful achievement of competitive goals requires that both top executives and managers at all levels accept the challenge to become leaders – leaders who can bring people together to accomplish the extraordinary.

James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner
The Leadership Challenge